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EDEN is an eco-system of blockchain products and services created in The City of EDEN with a global support system of problem solvers that earn EDN tokens to contribute open source solutions.

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Respond to technical and creative bounties that are posted by an EDEN company. There are no requirments to participate other than being an EDN token holder. Contributions remain open source and contributors are rewarded with EDN tokens. Creator attribution is on on the blockchain so what you created will always have been created by you.



If you see a company or product that inspires ideas you can build a distributed team with other EDN token holders. You'll even get help and assistance from EDEN engineers and staff. If your project is approved it is guaranteed to go into production and you and your team earn EDN tokens.


Review & Replicate

Peer Review on the Blockchain

The foundation of science is to be able to replicate results. EDN token holders get rewarded to review and replicate results that are submitted to the EDEN Distributed Network. All results are recorded on the blockchain and can never be tamperred with.


How It Works

Each interaction and contribution holds a weighted value. As EDN token holders contribute and interact they earn badges which unlock more rewards, faster earnings and invitations to visit or live in the City of EDEN. It's the first time your contributions speak louder than your resume, experience and education.


  • Clicks
  • Keystrokes
  • File Uploads
  • Code Commits
  • Creating Teams
  • Completing and submiting projects
  • Reviewing / Passing Peer Review
  • Use your experience to help others

Read Whitepaper Review Smart Contract

*Learn more about our token model by reading the whitepaper and smart contract


Start Earning EDN Tokens

EDN Token Utility

Token holders recieve the following access and benefits

Rewards for Open Source Contributions

EDEN staff and engineers will post challenges they need help with. Things like heavy lift drone propellors, PCB design and even media, articles and content for the projects. Solutions that are submitted by EDN token holders stay as open source for any EDN token holder to use for free and the original contributors get rewarded through EDN tokens.

Create teams with other token holders

Have a particularly great idea for an EDEN company or product? Build teams around concepts and once approved all members get rewarded according to their contributions. Ideas that are approved are guaranteed to go to market and gain distribution. It is the first time anyone can contribute ideas that actually go to market.

Participate in the EDN Peer Review on the Blockchain

Review and replicate submissions. If you participate in validating solutions you will be rewarded with EDN tokens. The more you do, the more EDN tokens you earn. It is set up to be simple and it is all on the blockchain which means the results can never be manipulated.

Selected Members Gain Access to Beta Test New Products and Services

As an EDN token holder you can get the chance to beta test new products and services for free. If you qualify as the proper audience you will receive free hardware, software and tools.

Early Adopter Access to New Products and Services Before Anyone

If you fancy yourself an early adopter, EDN token holders get access to purchase products before anyone else does. The more tokens you hold the closer to the front of the line you are. Non token holders will receive access to products after all token holders have.

Use EDN Tokens for Education, Tools and Trips to The City of EDEN

EDN token holders immediately save 10% on EDEN products and services. In addition tokens can be traded for education and equipment and tools and trips or even residency in The City of EDEN.

  • symbol EDN

  • crowdsale target TBD

  • utility The EDN Token represents the right to acquire products and services from EDEN and subsidiary projects and companies
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EDN Token Allocation

We have structured the token allocation to build a long and prosperous economy. In addition to the token allocation above, 50% of all City of EDEN revenues are converted into EDN tokens.

  • 35% Contribution Rewards
  • 35% Token Sale
  • 17% Team + Advisors
  • 10% Community Growth & Strategic Partners
  • 3% Donations and Discounts

EDEN Companies

A skilled group of engineers and entrepreneurs formed EDEN and the solutions below. Each company and product is a subsidiary and fully owned by EDEN.

Cosmic IIoT

Cost effective industrial IoT hardware and software platform built on the blockchain

Modular design means 50% savings

ML and sensor data for preventative measures normally lost

$933B Industry by 2025

Learn More

Neon Air

A fast and powerful fleet of industrial heavy lift and micro drones built on the blockchain

Can lift the weight of 2 people

Reach Traditionally Difficult locations with ease

$127B Industry by 2020

Learn More


A blockchain based platform that warns surgeons if they have left a tool inside their patients

1/4 the upfront and long term costs

Addresses third largest cause of death in the US

Saves Lives

Learn More

We have narrowed our focus for problem solving on 4 main categories of projects. Each category below are the areas that we believe will have the highest long term impact in addition to market opportunity and growth.


We are commited to the growth and mainstream use of blockchain

Med & Bio Tech

We are commited to preserving and expanding biological creation


We are commited to exploring and utilizing all directions including up


We are committed to sustainability in all forms where nothing is waste

Products & Services



  • Instant Pairing to IoT Platform
  • 2 Year Battery Life
  • Prevents from millions of dollars from losses and damages
  • Over 25 sensors with thousands of arrangements
  • Modular design keeps costs low by centralizing processor, electronics and batteries

Blockchain Utility

  • Data manipulation proof
  • Hack-proof with modern methods
  • Distributed Ledger Consensus
  • EDN tokens used as platform credits and to purchase hardware

Industries Served: Medical / Civil / Construction / Manufacturing / Plant Monitoring / Fleet & Cargo Management

Product Development Stage: Production Prototype with Pre-Orders


*Only token holders can pre-order



  • 270KG total payload
  • 25 minute flight time
  • Adjustable payload
  • Optional micro drones
  • Works with Cosmic IIoT

Blockchain Utility

  • Data manipulation proof
  • Hack-proof with modern methods
  • Distributed Ledger Consensus
  • EDN tokens used to purchase Neon Air Products

Industries Served: Search and Rescue / Agriculture / Cargo, Delivery and Logistics / Construction / Firefighting & Safety / Movie & Film

Stage: Pre-Production Prototype with Pre-Orders


*Only token holders can pre-order





  • 30 Second Total Process
  • Prevents from millions of dollars from losses and damages
  • Prevents from theft and surgical tool black market (Yes, It's a real thing)
  • Works with Cosmic IIoT

Blockchain Utility

  • Data manipulation proof
  • Hack-proof with modern methods
  • Distributed Ledger Consensus
  • EDN tokens used to purchase Gravitas Products

Industries Served: Medical

Product Development Stage: Production Prototype in Medical Trials with Pre-Orders


*Only token holders can pre-order

All of the products and companies were built and designed by a group of engineers that live and work together in nature and a distributed global team. We call it The City of EDEN. Our goal is simple... To focus our energy on life changing challenges.

The City of EDEN

Engineering, Design & Entrepreneurship in Nature

EDEN is an ecosystem of taking solutions to market. The goal is to solve some of the most difficult challenges that plague our time and place in history. We've been running a successful pilot for 12 months in which we've invented and developed products to save surgical patients, connect and protect through Industrial IoT and drones able to lift the weight of two people for search and rescue all while being fully immersed in nature.



Open living apartments for 48 residents. Rooftop garden and BBQ.


30 residents with open living floor plan and private rooms. Lots of communal and personal space.

Residential Block

34 houses with 204 inhabitants. Private grill and garden area, 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom houses.

R&D / Tulip Auditorium

Open office plan with space for 175 people. Full labratories and an attached warehouse for large manufacturing and testing.

Residential Block & Fitness Center

Smaller housing for singles. Duplex style with 20 inhabitants. Full outdoor multiuse sports field and indoor gym.


Fully equiped medical center with 4 waiting rooms, offices and 2 operating rooms.

24/7 Market

Goods, groceries and electronics available 24/7.

24/7 Restaurant, Cafe & Bar

A fully operational space for food, drinks and thought. Designed to recharge and relax. Available 24/7.

K-12 School

STEAM school with an emphasis on engineering and entrepreneurship.
  • Sterile Bio/Medical Lab
  • Sterile Food Grade Lab
  • Chemical and Material Lab
  • Work Stations with Access to Industrial Grade Manufacturing and prototyping Equipment
  • VR User Experience Design and Prototyping
  • Advanced R&D Labs in Nature
  • Communications & Cell Coverage
  • Clean Water
  • Highspeed Internet
  • On Site Medical Center
  • Stores for Groceries & Goods
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Family Housing
  • Dorm & Single Housing
  • Laundry and Cleaning Facilities
  • Transportation to and from The City of EDEN
  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Pneumatic Tube Delivery
  • Pneumatic Waste Disposal
  • Free Steam K-12 Schooling for Family Members
  • Advanced R&D Labs in Nature (We want to emphasize it)
  • Complimentary Food & Drink
  • Fitness Centers
  • Complimentary Health Care
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Complimentary Housing
  • Complimentary Education

Watch the Interview about EDEN

A full city infrastructure built specifically for the purpose of solving the greatest challenges and uniting problem solvers. If selected to become a resident of EDEN you will live a stress free, cost free life with competitve pay. Your only job is to create solutions to the greatest challenges of our time with the support of the EDEN Distributed Network.


"...Gravitas is seeking to fix the issue of fatal doctor negligence through a simplified tracking mechanism that reduces time and cost over barcode or NFC systems."

Read full article


The acronym EDEN stands for Engineering, Design & Entrepreneurship in Nature. We decided to build our R&D facility in Colombia situated at the top of a mountain surrounded by nature and just one hour outside of Bogota. The City of EDEN is an invite only city of engineers that band together to work on the meta challenges of our time. Each resident of the City of EDEN earns competitive wages, lives and eats for free and gains access to a variety of additional amenities not including the state of the art lab and R&D environment.

To earn yourself an invite you need to demonstrate exceptional abilities in problem solving. Through the EDEN Distributed Network (EDN) you earn EDN tokens when you contribute to open source projects, create media, build teams to execute on new ideas and even participate in a peer review process on the blockchain. As you contribute more you unlock rewards ranging from EDN tokens which can be traded for equipment, memberships, education, trips to The City of EDEN and ultimately an invitation for residence.

The EDEN Distributed Network is a hybrid blockchain DApp that enables problem solvers from around the world to contribute open source solutions, media for EDEN company projects and optionally participate in a fully transparent peer review process. Users access EDN through a web and mobile platform in which they can contribute to challenges posted by residents of EDEN or create/join teams of other EDN token holders to execute on new ideas within posted categories.

EDEN is a company of companies that focus on for good, for profit solutions to the world's greatest challenges. Residents of The City of EDEN live and work on projects in 4 primary categories. Blockchain, Aerospace, Med/Bio Tech & Renewables. The products and companies that come out of EDEN are a byproduct of solving the needs of a new and growing city. Residents of EDEN solve their own problems and then turn them into solutions built on the blockchain to be sold to the global market.

When an EDEN resident faces a challenge or needs outside help they post to the EDEN Distributed Network where a fleet of worldwide problem solvers contribute solutions to the specific challenge. There are no age, gender, race, education or geographic requirements.

Every solution that comes out of EDN stays an open source solution forever. For example: Michael is building a heavy lift drone for Neon Air (, an EDEN company. He needs a more efficient propeller than off the shelf parts so he publishes a challenge to the EDEN Distributed Network for a better propeller. Problem solvers from around the world submit their solutions and the ones that get verified by the EDN Peer Review will be rewarded through EDN tokens. EDN token holders that level up are able to build teams around new initiatives within the 4 divisions of EDEN in which they earn more EDN tokens, faster.

EDN Tokens can then be used to purchase products and services from EDEN and subsidiary companies.

Neon Air
Cosmic IIoT
EDEN Blockchain as a Service

You use EDN tokens. Some of the products are available to purchase today and some are in pre-launch. We will launch the pre-sale 48 hours after the end of the token sale.

Token holders gain access to the following benefits:

  • Contributing open source solutions
  • Creating teams and working on projects
  • Reviewing and replicating submissions to EDN
  • Qualifying to beta test
  • Access to early adopter products before anyone else
  • Trade EDN tokens for equipment, eductation and trips to The City of EDEN

Absolutely! Once The City of EDEN is fully operational it will have a mountain top restaurant, bar, concerts at the amphitheater and limited temporary housing. We encourage any token holders to come and visit us and see the projects and meta challenges we are working to resolve.

Since the EDN token serves a true utility, we do not want to speculate. In addition it is our mission to emphasize the utility of the EDN token as a means of getting rewarded through problem solving and purchasing EDEN company & subsidiary products and services.

We will be announcing the date of the token sale shortly.

EDEN is a United States based company with subsidiaries in Colombia, Israel and Ukraine. The City of EDEN is located 1 hour outside of Bogota, Colombia which represents more than 60% of all industry in Colombia.

Yes. 50% of City of EDEN revenue through FIAT will be converted into EDN tokens.

The EDEN team cumulatively have taken many products to market and our emphasis is on releasing products that go to market, not on raising money through a token sale. We are the only blockchain product that leverages a global community of problem solvers to create solutions for products that actually ship. This is not just an idea or just a token model. EDEN has built products and services used by top governments, medical and industrial organizations.

We will be releasing this shortly

We will be releasing this shortly

To participate in the token sale you need to get whitelisted first at Whitelisting verifies your identity and makes sure you are accurately representing yourself. We run a simple KYC process in which all you need to do is take a photo of your ID and image of your face.

Blockchain enables a level of transparency, security and trust that has only ever been fantasized about in science fiction up until recently. These are benefits that consumer, industrial, medical and government customers are looking for but cannot fully describe. By building all of our products on the blockchain or leveraging parts of the blockchain help us in providing the highest security possible while seamlessly integrating the technology to a point that it just feels like magic.

Currently EDN tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Most of our DApps are prototyped on the EDN blockchain but we are working to build the EDEN blockchain and BaaS (Blockchain as a Service).

EDN tokens are an ERC20 compliant token that can be transferred to any ERC20 compliant wallet.

A simple to use and fully integrated wallet is only one of the many features of the EDEN Distributed Network and app. Setting up a wallet is fast, free and automatic to you.

To incentivize active users on the platform, any EDN tokens held in an account that goes inactive for more than 6 months will begin to decay. The decaying tokens will then be transferred back into the growth pool to reward active participants. A user will get a series of alerts before this takes place. The decay rate does not apply to any tokens purchased during the token sale, or tokens transferred out and held in an offline wallet. The rates of decay at associate intervals are as follows: 6 months @ 10% month-over-month



Founder & CEO

Most recently, Jonathon led product and growth for the FCFL which raised $5.2m in their pre-sale. He is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor who has several patents across med tech, video streaming and drones.


Director of New Projects

Carlos is an electromechanical engineer and the co-organizer of Maker Movement Colombia which has more than 3,000 members. He has mixed experience working on government projects and founding several companies.



Fredy is the CFO for TPaga a Y Combinator backed company and a specialist in financial planning and operations. His extensive experiece lends to growth and finincial security. Prior to EDEN he worked in management at Phillip Morris.


Chief City Architect

Juana is a partner at Aone+, a leading public projects architecture firm. She's led the creation of Terpel, a premium gas station and rest stop franchise in Latin America. In addition she has direction renovations on historical landmarks and buildings.


Director of Medical

Dr. Jacob Chodakiewitz M.D. is a pioneer in Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. He holds multiple fellowships and is a consultant for UCLA, Cedars Sanai, Kaiser and St. Judes. He has also contributed to the creation of several medical devices.


Design & Engineering

Ricardo, is an electromechanical engineer who has worked in the manufacturing industry. For two years he has been part of initiatives and entrepreneurship projects for environmental tech.


ML & Algorithms

Egor is PHD in Machine Learning and big data. He is a full stack dev turned data scientist and algo designer. Prior to joining EDEN he worked at the ?entral Design Bureau of Automation in Russia.


IoT Electromechanical

Milton is an electromechanical engineer, with experience in industrial IoT and production automotion. He is committed to implementing blockchain solutions to hardware.


Paid Ads & Growth

Andres has spent the last few years working with big agencies and fortune 500 brands. Most recently he ran campaigns for Pepsi. He excels at creative strategies to drive top of the funnel traffic.


Director of Operations

Carol managed sales for the largest office parks in Colombia before getting inspired by blockchain technology and crypto currencies. She is passionate about new technology and organizing operations for EDEN.


Technical Marketing

Antonio is a full stack developer and technical journalist. He has written a blog on science and technology for 3 years and is passionate about marketing and design.


Technical Marketing

Ana has been running communities for more than 5 years. She is an avid illustrator and designer in addition to being highly active on social media.

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